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Our Vision

Uplifting single mothers with unwavering support and renewed hope, The Cortona Foundation weaves transformative renovations into a brighter tomorrow, fostering resilience and creating a path to success.

Our Mission

The Cortona Foundation dedicates its efforts to supporting single mothers struggling with financial hardship. Its mission is to provide single mothers with meaningful and lasting change by offering material and financial resources.

A Quick Note About Us

The Cortona Foundation was established in memory of St. Margaret of Cortona, a 13th-century saint and patroness for the poor. The mission of the 501(c)3 non-profit is to serve single mothers in the community, providing them with financial resources, home repair, and support.

The foundation works to meet the needs of single mothers who are facing poverty and homelessness due to a variety of reasons, such as being unable to work or lack adequate childcare. The foundation additionally facilitates donations of furniture and cabinetry to assist in critical building projects that enhance living conditions.

Through its generous donations from individuals and businesses alike, it strives to positively impact the lives of some of society’s most vulnerable citizens: single mothers in need.